University Registrar’s Office/Enrolment Services

The University Registrar’s Office includes student financial aid and awards, student accounts, client services, transcripts and student systems.

The University Registrar’s office supports tri-campus registrarial functions to enhance the student experience.

Client Services

Client Services is our central one-stop for student inquiries related to admissions, financial aid and awards, transcripts and student accounts. 

Hours of Operation

Note: The office is closed for in-person inquiries.

September to June September to June Summer
Phones & VirtualIn-Person
Monday 9:30am – 4:30 pm  9:30am – Noon
1pm -4:30pm
9:30am– 4pm 
Tuesday 1pm – 4:30pm  1pm – 4:30pm 1pm – 4pm 
Wednesday to Friday 9:30am – 4:30 pm  9:30am – Noon
1pm -4:30pm
9:30am– 4pm 

How to Connect

Phone: 416-978-2190

Virtual: Virtual appointments can be booked online here

In-Person: 172 St. George St. Prior to visiting our office, please complete the contact tracing form.

Masks are required for in-person support. University of Toronto Mask Policy

Service Portal & Email

The service portal is a virtual help desk that provides access to online forms, enables you submit requests, track requests and more. Visit the Service Portal

For undergraduate admission support visit Admissions

University of Toronto Transcripts

To request a University of Toronto transcript, visit the University of Toronto Transcript Centre

Financial Aid

Current and future students can find information about UTAPS, OSAP, out of province student assistance programs and US Direct loans here


Current and future students can find information about available awards and how to apply here

To search for awards open to all current and future University of Toronto students visit Award Explorer here

Undergraduate Admissions

Future students can find information on how to apply here

Student Accounts

For information on tuition and fees, payment deadlines, deferrals and more visit Student Accounts

Student Systems

To access the various systems to help you with registration, timetabling, degree planning and more, visit the NGSIS site here

COVID-19 Information for Students

For the most up to date information on returning to campus, vaccines, masks and more, visit the COVID-19 Information for Students site.

Location and Mailing address:             

University Registrar’s Office / Enrolment Services

172 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5R 0A3